Jordan Consulting Services

Jordan Consulting Services was established in 2009, with over 40 years combined experience within workers compensation and work health & safety. We identified a need to provide effective and efficient service for small to medium employers who do not have the resources to manage workers compensation and health and safety issues within their business effectively. Initially our primary focus was to administer workers compensation claims on behalf of clients that were not satisfied with the management of their workers compensation claims. Over the last 2 years we have been able to expand our team and services to provide our clients with assistance on health and safety issues as well as developing quality systems and preparing documentation for ISO accreditation audits.

At JCS we work in partnership with our clients to develop strong lasting relationships and encourage the patronage of their services through our increasing network. We are small enough to provide a personalized service tailored to your needs and also flexible enough to assist when 'something has just happened'. JCS staff see ourselves as educators not an enforcers – we don't wear a badge. We will explain the "WHY" behind the "HOW". We will identify areas that can be done 'in house' by your staff and therefore reducing costs, encouraging 'ownership' and 'consultation' within the workplace. And unlike most consultants- we don't charge for travel time. Where possible will provide a written quote for the work to be performed, so there are no 'hidden' or unexpected costs.

There are 4 key services we provide that are symbolised by each of the icicles of our logo:

· Occupational Health and Safety Services,

· Workers compensation services,

· Administering return to work programs and

· Development of Quality Systems.

Our occupational health and safety services are tailored to your requirements. We can conduct risk assessments and provide reports Preparing documentation including policies and procedures including preparation site traffic management and emergency plans and procedures. We can provide templates for checklists and registers, internal training relating to health and safety issues. We can facilitate health and safety committee meetings and provide assistance before, during and after visits from WorkSafe Inspectors. Jordan Consulting Services is a member of the Western Safety Group and Central Safety Group.

Our workers compensation consultants have had previous experience working as case managers, we understand what a case manager "can do", and look at strategies 'outside the square' to ensure that claims costs are minimized. We can also explain what are the likely outcomes of case specific scenarios and what the likely impact these have on your premium.