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A great example of a circular economy

March 15, 2021

Remember in our previous blog post we talked about the importance of buying local? The statistics are that if you buy from a local business $67.18 of every $100 stays in the local economy.

The Committee for Wyndham was fortunate to gain assistance from Wyndham City’s Business Recovery and Growth Fund to redevelop our website. Of course we went to a local web developer who we had met when they attended Business Connect Wyndham and FLOW Online 2020. Tina and her team at Launch Digital patiently worked with us to produce our new website and we are thrilled with the outcome.

Today they sent us a gift of appreciation – from another local business, Light & Glo Design speciality candle makers.

We know Light & Glo well and they employ people and chances are that they will spend their money locally. Get the idea? If we all support one-another we will build a strong Wyndham economy that in-turn flows back to our community.



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