The power of networking

It started out as a conversation over coffee and croissants at a C4W members’ breakfast and has resulted in technology lending a hand at a vaccination hub in Wyndham. Dr Joe Garra and Gail Bray Director of the Wyndham Tech School were exploring how robots could undertake some of the tasks medical staff usually perform…

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East Werribee – what’s happening?

The 775-hectare East Werribee precinct is the largest undeveloped surplus State Government land in metropolitan Melbourne and includes the 400-hectare site known as the East Werribee Major Development Parcel. The Committee for Wyndham’s Think Ahead! roundtable recently identified this as one of five priority areas that will ensure Wyndham’s growing and diverse community is well…

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Help wanted – local food producers

The Committee for Wyndham is focussed on local people, local jobs, local business and lcocal procurement. One of the 5 key priority areas to take Wyndham into the future was Tourism / Hospitality and some of the discussion at the Think Ahead! roundtable focussed on food and dining and the promotion of local food and…

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Think Ahead! – we want your input

Recently a group of C4W members attended a roundtable to discuss Wyndham in the future.  The question posed to the group was ….. What does Wyndham need, what can Wyndham do to ensure that this growing and diverse community is taking advantage of opportunities, ensuring our community is healthy and engaged and to showcase how…

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