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About Us

Reclink Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to enhance the lives of people experiencing disadvantage or facing significant barriers to participation, through providing new and unique sports, specialist recreation and arts programs, and pathways to employment opportunities.

We target some of the community’s most vulnerable and isolated people; at risk youth, those experiencing mental illness, people with a disability, the homeless, people tackling alcohol and other drug issues and social and economic hardship.

Why do we exist?
Reclink Australia champions participation in physical and artistic activity for all Australians.  Building resilience and a sense of community, Reclink Australia believes that sport and the arts are the perfect vehicles to improve the lives of those experiencing complex disadvantage and social exclusion.

We believe that everyone has the right to a positive identity and a social network.  This can be achieved through active participation in sport and the arts.  It revives, nurtures and sustains an individual and improves their mental and physical health.

For 27 years we have led a network of member organisations and acted as a facilitator in the support of disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Street: PO Box 201


State: Victoria

Telephone: 03 9419 6672

Email: [email protected]


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