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Lisa Field

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Lisa’s extensive experience in the community not-for-profit sector, along with her passion for urban and environmental improvements, has led her to her current role as a leader of the Werribee River Association. The Association, which started in 1981, is dedicated to protecting the Werribee River and engaging the community in its conservation efforts.

As the leader of the Association, Lisa oversees various aspects of the organisation, including community programming, business services, communications, and key projects. A crucial part of her role is to support staff, secure ongoing funding, and establish partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders. Lisa actively encourages collaboration and welcomes contact from potential partners, sponsors, and benefactors who can contribute to the Association’s work and help expand its impact.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Lisa is also involved in grassroots initiatives as a volunteer. She leads the Love Our Street 3030 clean-up group, which focuses on removing litter from waterways. Her dedication to environmental causes has been recognized, as she received the Wyndham City Council Volunteer of the Year Award in 2019 for her contributions to the field of environment and sustainability.

Lisa’s commitment to environmental advocacy is evident in her participation in various campaigns aimed at reducing pollution, advocating for a container deposit scheme in Victoria, banning plastic bags, protecting native forests from logging, opposing the Adani coal mine, and supporting numerous other causes. She firmly believes in the power of collaboration and recognizes that positive change requires collective effort.

Lisa experience, passion, and collaborative approach make her a valuable leader in the community not-for-profit sector. Her work with the Werribee River Association and other environmental initiatives reflects her commitment to protecting waterways, promoting sustainability, and fostering community engagement.

Street: PO Box 74


State: Victoria

Telephone: 0433 559 530

Email: [email protected]

Website: --

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