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PROfound Leadership is a dynamic Wyndham based business that operates throughout Australia and internationally. Their Learning & Development programs have been successful in promoting greater confidence and heightened leadership skills in individuals and teams, enabling them to make smarter choices and achieve significantly and measurably better outcomes.

Their award-winning learning impact empowers organisations, teams and individuals through effective and proven leadership strategies, to unleash maximum potential and succeed in an ever-changing environment. They know that one approach won’t suit everyone, so it’s part of their philosophy to tailor all their services to their clients’ needs. Hence, they offer a range of services to create flexibility and cater for different learning styles in the form of on-site workshops, leadership programs, one-on-one coaching & mentoring sessions, as well as user-friendly online courses.

Street: Hawthorn Drive

City: Hoppers Crossing

State: VIC

Telephone: 1300 936 313

Email: [email protected]


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