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Remote Equipment Repairs

Remote Equipment Repairs

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Remote Equipment Repairs has been offering the service of maintenance and repairs to outdoor brands, retailers, distributors, and enthusiasts for over 30 years.

Our business model is purely to solve solutions of waste through repairing and reuse by supporting brands and products through after sales. Customers invest in high quality brands, with this comes expectations that the product can be repaired or restored. The consumer mind set has changed. This has not been more evident than in the last 5 years. Our customers are choosing brands with a conscious now, longevity and sustainability are front of mind with almost every customer we deal with. This has been spurred on by some of the biggest players in the industry whom we are proud to partner with.

At its very heart the core ethics of repair, recycle and reuse have seen this small business partner with many of the largest brands and distributors in Australia and abroad. We now delve further into a circular economy, sourcing products that have been produced and cannot be sold. We use these discarded apparel and textiles and turn them into renewed products, upcycled materials or recycling feedstock for future repairs giving an item a new footprint. By renewing, recycling, and restoring we want to take a small step to giving a second life to a created product with a reduction in landfill and a hug to mother nature.

Our services extend to bulk re-working of garments and apparel that have not been manufactured to scale and ready for immediate sale. These products are reworked to the distributors specifications and packaged for sale.

We have built our reputation by offering quality repairs to equipment, apparel, and garments to satisfy the needs of people throughout Australia and worldwide. Our philosophy is that if we can keep your product going for just one more day, not only does it reduce landfill, but it enables you to continue using your much-loved gear for a lot more time to come.

Street: 6/2 Kilmarnock Court


State: VIC

Telephone: 03 8360 7113

Email: [email protected]


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