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Since 1887, The Gordon Institute of TAFE has delivered vocational education and training across the Geelong, Wyndham, Ballarat and Colac regions.

Our Institution was born out of the Geelong community’s proactive response to a pressing need for education across all levels of society following the Mechanics’ Institute movement of the 1850s. Recognising the importance of providing comprehensive technical education, the community established The Gordon, which has since played a vital role in nurturing local talent and fostering growth within many industries.

Driving education that is innovative at heart, focused on emerging challenges, and building skills, careers, and community prosperity has fostered trusted, synergistic partnerships with industry, enabling agile, progressive education strategies to create life-long learners and raise workforce capability.

As one of Victoria’s largest regional TAFEs, we take immense pride in being a leading provider of vocational education and training. Our extensive range of courses and programs is meticulously tailored to cater to industry and student requirements, ensuring that those who study with us receive the best education possible and ultimately thrive in their chosen field.

We offer over 200 nationally accredited courses and accredited and non-accredited specialist short courses. Qualifications range from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level. They are delivered via a range of study modes, including on-campus, off-campus, full and part-time, online and industry-based.

Our immersive, hands-on training spans a multitude of fields, such as Science and Technology, Design and Construction, Health and Community Services, and Culinary, Education, and Teaching.

By equipping individuals with essential qualifications and skills, we empower them to launch thriving careers and make meaningful contributions that drive economic progress and cultivate a prosperous, well-educated community.

Our deep-rooted connection to local communities and industry truly sets us apart, along with our Institution’s rich history and our unwavering dedication to unlocking human potential through innovative and flexible education locally, nationally and abroad.


Street: 2 Fenwick Street


State: Victoria

Telephone: 0409 933 326

Email: [email protected]


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