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April 28, 2022


9:30 am - 11:30 am



Think Ahead! Wyndham – background

In March 2021, a small group of C4W members attended a roundtable discussion where some of the key priorities for Wyndham were identified as being:  East Werribee; Tourism and Hospitality; Health and Wellbeing; Multicultural: and Student Attraction.  As a continuation of this initiative, we will be facilitating a series of 7 forums in March and April 2022 to focus on key issues that are important to our community, that will prepare Wyndham for the challenges ahead and assist in the development and growth of our community in both local and global contexts.

We’re asking keynote speakers, usually not from Wyndham, to speak on national/state/global issues that impact Wyndham.  A panel of local people will then contextualise the topic in Wyndham terms.  Forum participants will then be asked to identify issues important for Wyndham’s future.

Forum Theme: Community Driven Leadership

Every community needs strong leadership.  Within all businesses there are leaders be it the sole proprietor leading their own business through to businesses that have layers of managers.  Can Wyndham businesses bring their skills and expertise to work within the community supporting employees who are Wyndham residents, schools who may be educating future employees and residents who may become customers?

Keynote speaker: TBA

Panel: TBA

Participants: up to 40 key Wyndham people from business and the community – people who can drive Wyndham’s thought leadership.

Interested in attending?

While some participants will be invited to attend, we’re also seeking those who have an interest in Wyndham’s future.  If this is you please contact us to request a seat.

Have a query about this forum, or the Think Ahead! Wyndham series of forums?

Send us an email at [email protected]


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