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Leadership and Management Skills

February 15, 2021

In February 1995, the Industry Task Force on Leadership and Management Skills
handed the Enterprising Nation report to the Federal Minister for Employment,
Education and Training.  This report, also known as the Karpin Report, had a
significant impact on training and education including reforming management
education and frontline manager training and rebuilding community confidence in the
word entrepreneur after interesting times in the 1980s.

I was a member of that Task Force.  Our research showed us the profile of a
manager was moving from The Autocrat in 1970, to The Communicator in the mid-
90s and was heading to The Leader/Enabler in 2010.  I understand the importance
of leadership and in my time at C4W have worked ensure to that we deliver a great
leadership program for the benefit of our businesses and our community.

Wyndham’s Leadership Capacity

According to Regional Australia Institute research Wyndham rates 7 out of 10 in
Leadership Capacity.  Knowing this and understanding our need for leadership in
Wyndham I am really disappointed that our community is not embracing leadership. 
Our facilitator is acknowledged as one of the best in Australia, the course material is
participant focussed, and key leaders in Wyndham take the time to contribute to the

Wyndham is a growing and diverse community and we need people who are willing
and prepared to step up.  We need to continue to add to our leadership pool. 
Wyndham needs FLOW.   What do you think?  Keep the conversation going on our LinkedIn page.



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