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Raising our community’s concerns

September 15, 2021

The Committee for Wyndham is very clear about its role in Wyndham and we are upfront about it – see the home page of our website which states ….

…. The Committee for Wyndham brings together business, community, government and individuals to work together to promote and enhance the economic and social well-being of the broader Wyndham community.

In our growing and diverse community economic and social well-being encompasses a range of issues, challenges and opportunities.  It was for this reason that we have spoken out about the sculpture that has been placed at the new Duncans Road interchange depicting a cricket match in Altona.

We have written to both Major Road Projects Victoria and Netflow expressing our disappointment and pointing out that Altona is in the City of Hobsons Bay, not Wyndham.

We do not wish to denigrate the artist’s work and we acknowledge the interchange has been a great addition to our road infrastructure, but the opportunity was missed to feature local icons standing as it does at the gateway to one of Victoria’s most important tourism precincts and to Werribee South where much of the green vegetables supplied into Victoria and Australia’s supermarkets are grown.

The Committee for Wyndham is committed to serving the Wyndham community and if we, as a community, don’t raise these issues and create awareness, people and organisations outside Wyndham will continue to impose their thoughts, ideas and sculptures upon us without consultation.



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