Achieving Balance in Business, Life and Wellbeing


This 5 session face-to-face program is designed for businesspeople looking to ensure that they are working to the best of their ability in what is often a demanding and perceived uncompromising world.

It will help reset your work-life-wellbeing balance, build resilience and your mental and physical wellness.

Work with Martin Probst and Dr Aiyesha Melnicenko to explore the transformative potential of cultivating stability and fulfilment across all domains of your life, paving the way for a more meaningful and purpose-driven existence.

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What's Involved?

Sessions dates and topic titles for each session are listed below.

All five sessions are 'in-person'.  The small group sessions will be held in Wyndham.

Places are VERY limited to enable small group discussions to take place.  Priority will be given to C4W members.

An Application Form is required to be completed.  Please note that this does not guarantee your place in the program.

Successful participants will be notified in due course.

You can attend any, or all, sessions and you'll receive a certificate at the end of the program showing which sessions you attended.


Business owners who are committed to improving mental awareness in their workplace

People who want to embrace a work-life-wellbeing balance

Team leaders or supervisors/managers and staff

People in sporting and community roles

Anyone looking to improve or enhance their wellbeing

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Thriving Wyndham 2023 will be jointly facilitated by Martin Probst and Dr Aiyesha Melnicenko

Martin Probst presenting

Martin Probst is an award-winning Learning Professional who helps managers and team leaders to empower themselves with skills of the future, so they can lead with confidence.

Martin’s endeavour to make a lasting impact in the Learning & Development space has seen him spending well over 20 years travelling the world, studying the field of self-development and human potential. He understands what it means to work in pressured environments and the importance of becoming the best at what you do.  Read more about Martin here


Dr Aiyesha Melnicenko BSc, BSc Hons (Psych), PGDip Clin Psych, PhD (Psych), MAPS

is a registered Clinical Psychologist, who is passionate about mental health recovery and empowering people to attend to their emotional wellbeing to build rich, meaningful lives. Following her undergraduate studies in biology and psychology, Aiyesha completed her clinical psychology studies in New Zealand, as well as a doctorate focused on adolescent sexual wellbeing and culture. Aiyesha has had over 16 years of experience as a clinician and leader, working across community and inpatient settings in public and private mental health services in Australia and New Zealand, including adult mental health, addictions, personality disorder, specialist youth services, and child and family mental health.  Read more about Aiyesha here

Most importantly both Martin and Aiyesha are Wyndham residents, so they understand our community.

how to get involved.......

  • Complete the short Application Form                                         
  • Make the required payment, if applicable
  • Let us know on the form which session/s you want to attend, or
  • Visit our events page to register for an individual session

Have an enquiry? 

Send us an email at [email protected] 

session titles and dates

Session 1    Rediscovering My Work, Life and Wellbeing Balance          27 July 2023   
     Cultivate stability and fulfilment across all aspects of life

Session 2    Decoding Smart Wellbeing Choices          17 August 2023      
     Transition from immediate gratification to sustainable achievements

Session 3    Promoting Physical Health for Emotional Wellbeing          31 August 2023   
     Adopt ‘STRONG’, healthy and long-lasting habits for better outcomes

Session 4    Embracing the Value of Values to Reach Authenticity     14 Sept 2023
     Live congruently with yourself to improve wellbeing

Session 5    Discovering Mindful Living and Working          12 October 2023
     Learn to step back to step up your wellbeing

Thriving Wyndham has been made possible with funding through the State Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions - Mental Wellbeing of Business Communities Grant Program Round 2

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