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Our Purpose

The Committee for Wyndham aims to unite organisations from both within and outside Wyndham's business, individuals, community, and government sectors. Our mission is to nurture Wyndham as a vibrant city within the rapidly expanding Victorian and national landscape.

Our Vision

Shaping Wyndham’s Future.
As the business voice of the region, the Committee for Wyndham brings together business, community, Government and individuals to collaborate in promoting and enhance Wyndham’s social and economic wellbeing.

Established in 1998, the Committee for Wyndham holds the distinction of being the third oldest 'Committee for' in Australia. Embedded in the visionary leadership of the then Werribee community, our organisation has diligently served Wyndham for over 25 years. Through collaboration with businesses, governmental entities, and the community at large, we advocate for the interests of Wyndham and foster crucial partnerships with external stakeholders.

As a apolitical membership-based, not-for-profit entity, the Committee for Wyndham is dedicated to amplifying the voice of business within our vibrant community. We are committed to shaping a promising future for Wyndham by facilitating and fostering connections among businesses, communities, government bodies, and individuals. Together, we strive to enhance Wyndham's social and economic well-being, ensuring a prosperous tomorrow for all.

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Our Plan

Our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan focusses on 3 key areas to help achieve our mission of the community working together to enhance the economic & social wellbeing of our community:
1. Advocacy
2. Connection
3. Educate & Tell Wyndham's Stories

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Our Board

The Committee for Wyndham Board, led by Chair Craig Kennedy, knows Wyndham, understands our community, embraces its opportunities and acknowledges its challenges.

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Our Region

Wyndham covers 542 km2. We're one of Australia’s fastest growing populations – 320,000 in 2024, expected to be 512,500 by 2041. Over 22,500 businesses provide employment for 64,600 people, with an annual economic output in excess of $22 billion.

Building Leaders

The Future Leaders of the West (FLOW) program is an initiative of the Committee for Wyndham and commenced in 2012. FLOW is designed to develop leadership skills and prepare participants for leadership roles both in their career and in the Wyndham community.

With monthly group classes to attend, participants will also be required to undertake a community project and have the opportunity to meet with leaders from business, government and the community.

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By joining the Committee for Wyndham, you will make a positive contribution to the growth and development of one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, and to its people and community.

C4W actively works with our members to ensure that they have a strong voice in Wyndham and beyond.

It is only through your commitment to C4W that we can continue to work for Wyndham’s growing and diverse community.