The core of any strong and vibrant community is Leadership. Wyndham needs strong leaders to guide our future growth and continued prosperity.


Update - 29 February 2024 - Capacity for the program has been reached, and the enrolment form has been disabled.
If you'd like to join the waitlist, please contact us by email.

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills and knowledge?

Leadership Wyndham 2024 is a 5 session program aiming to empower Wyndham’s workforce, residents, community leaders and individuals willing to play an active role in shaping Wyndham’s future.

At each session we plan to have a guest speaker address the group and speak about their leadership learnings and applying them in the workplace

With limited places at each session, Leadership Wyndham 2024 will help develop your leadership skills while gaining some micro-credentials along the way.  

This program is proudly supported by Wyndham City Council.

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What's Involved?

Sessions dates are listed below, along with the topic titles for each session.

You can attend any, or all, sessions and you'll receive a certificate at the end of the program showing which sessions you attended.

This is a great opportunity to strengthen your networks and put your leadership learnings into practice in a small group setting.

These 3 hour sessions are all 'in-person', and will not be offered online.  Sessions will be held in and around Wyndham, and the venue locations will differ with each session.

Sessions are not recorded, and therefore are only available on the dates and times specified.


Staff members who have been identified as potential leaders

Staff members in leadership roles

Team leaders or supervisors

People in sporting and community leadership roles

Anyone looking to improve or enhance their leadership skills

Leadership Wyndham

 Leadership Wyndham 2024 will be facilitated by Martin Probst from PROfound Leadership.    Martin Probst presenting

Martin is an award-winning Learning Professional who helps managers and team leaders to empower themselves with skills of the future, so they can lead with confidence.

Importantly he is a Wyndham resident, so he understands our community.

Martin’s endeavour to make a lasting impact in the Learning & Development space has seen him spending well over 20 years travelling the world, studying the field of self-development and human potential. He understands what it means to work in pressured environments and the importance of becoming the best at what you do.

“Leadership is about guidance to a clear vision, unlocking true potential and creating excellence as a result of heightened awareness, accountability and inspiring actions.”   - Martin Probst, PROfound Leadership

Update - 29 February 2024 - Capacity for the program has been reached, and the enrolment form has been disabled.
If you'd like to join the waitlist, please contact us by email.

how to get involved.......

  • Complete the very short Leadership Wyndham 2024 Enrolment form so that we know who's coming to the session/s
  • Let us know on the Enrolment Form which session/s you want to attend, or
  • Visit our events page to register for an individual session

Have an enquiry? 

Send us an email at [email protected] 

session titles and dates

Session 1    Enhancing Interpersonal Skills with DISC          22 February 2024
   Improve Connections, Teamwork and Productivity

Session 2    Promoting Positive Behavioural Change          21 March 2024
   Turn Difficult Situations into Productive Outcomes

Session 3    Managing Conflict with Confidence          18 April 2024
   Navigate Challenging Situations Successfully

Session 4    Developing Inner Strength and Resilience          23 May 2024
   Build a Foundation for Personal and Professional Empowerment

Session 5    Building and Maintaining Strong Connections          20 June 2024
   Foster Meaningful Relationships for Lasting Success

past attendees have said.....

"I wanted to thank you for the invite for the leadership program - it is much appreciated.
It was a fantastic session and I have learnt so much!
I look forward to follow up sessions and to collaborating."

   Leadership Wyndham 2023          Session 1 Participant

“Just wanted to thank the team for a fabulous session.
I found this session very informative and learnt new information and some recapped some experiences."

Leadership Wyndham 2023          Session 6 Participant

"I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this Zoom session today...........Your dedication to helping people unlock their full potential is truly inspiring."

Leadership Wyndham 2023          Session 5 Participant

Leadership Wyndham